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Macaca mulatta Indian origin
Macaca_mulatta_Indian_origin Picture Source
Taxonomy:Eukaryota | Opisthokonta | Metazoa | Eumetazoa | Bilateria | Deuterostomia | Chordata | Craniata | Vertebrata | Gnathostomata | Teleostomi | Euteleostomi | Sarcopterygii | Dipnotetrapodomorpha | Tetrapoda | Amniota | Mammalia | Theria | Eutheria | Boreoeutheria | Euarchontoglires | Primates | Haplorrhini | Simiiformes | Catarrhini | Cercopithecoidea | Cercopithecidae | Cercopithecinae | Macaca
Common:rhesus macaque, rhesus monkeys, rhesus macaques (German: Rhesusaffe)
Comment:Sequenced animal: The rhesus monkey that provided DNA for the project is ID 17573, a female from the Southwest National Primate Research Center at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in San Antonio, TX who was born Dec. 21, 1990 in San Antonio and died Jan. 25, 2002. All animals in that branch of the colony are derived from Indian origin rhesus brought to the US many years ago. This animal is not likely to be closely related to the Indian origin animal that provided DNA for the BAC library.
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et. al. Right (2011)
Nature 478, 476-482. Down
et. al. Right (2007)
Science 316, 222-234. Down

Newest Species and Genome Assemblies in diArk


Trypanosoma congolense v.1.0.0 (chromosome)
Taxonomy: Euglenozoa | Kinetoplastida | Trypanosomatidae | . . . | Trypanosoma | Nannomonas
Contigs: 11 | GC-Content: 48.9% | Bases: 15.2Mbp | Filesize: 21.77MB


Macaca mulatta Indian origin v.3.0.0 (chromosome_assembly2)
Taxonomy: Opisthokonta | Metazoa | Eumetazoa | . . . | Cercopithecinae | Macaca
Contigs: 21 | GC-Content: 41.0% | Bases: 2752.3Mbp | Filesize: 2731.86MB
Macaca mulatta Indian origin v.3.0.0 (supercontigs_assembly2)
Taxonomy: Opisthokonta | Metazoa | Eumetazoa | . . . | Cercopithecinae | Macaca
Contigs: 15115 | GC-Content: 41.0% | Bases: 2829.2Mbp | Filesize: 2828.91MB

Newest Genome Publications in diArk


Purpose of the Database

The number of completed eukaryotic genome sequences and cDNA projects has increased exponentially in the past few years although most of them have not been published yet. In addition, many microarray analyses yielded thousands of sequenced EST and cDNA clones. For the researcher interested in single gene analyses (from a phylogenetic, a structural biology or other perspective) it is therefore important to have up-to-date knowledge about the various resources providing primary data. diArk provides comprehensive search modules each with detailed options and three different views of the selected data.
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The web interface has been designed using the next generation internet features (Web 2.0). Thus, the site makes extensive use of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) in order to present the user with a feature rich interface while minimizing the amount of transferred data. To use the database you therefore have to enable javascript and session-cookies.


We have done our best to include all eukaryotic sequencing projects in the world that provide assembled genomic data or a considerable amount of cDNA/EST data. But we are sure that we still miss some. If you are aware of a missing project please contact us.

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gen DNA Projects:3854
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