Why do I just get a BLAST search form if I click on a "GenBank - NIH genetic sequence database" link?

For many species, the sequence information is not available via a dedicated species home page but only via GenBank. Some of them can be searched for using the genomicBLAST pages. At NCBI, however, there are two possibilities to BLAST against genomic assembly and cDNA/EST data: directly using e.g. TBLASTN choosing the WGS or EST database or by selecting one of the genomicBLAST tables. But there are strong discrepancies between the WGS database and the assemblies available via genomicBLAST. The WGS database contains 145 species while the genomicBLAST tables list only 130 organisms of which 2 are redundant. Missing species in the genomicBLAST tables comprise for example the fish Gasterosteus aculeatus, the plants Ricinus communis and Populus trichocarpa, and the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. Therefore, the "GenBank" links (associated to the GenBank reference) of the species projects provide BLAST search forms including the corresponding database (some data is only available from the WGS, other from the EST database) and the corresponding species name.