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The genome of the Hi5 germ cell line from Trichoplusia ni, an agricultural pest and novel model for small RNA biology. (2018) Elife 7, .
Fu Y, Yang Y, Zhang H, Farley G, Wang J, Quarles KA, Weng Z, Zamore PD
Abstract: We report a draft assembly of the genome of Hi5 cells from the lepidopteran insect pest, Trichoplusia ni, assigning 90.6% of bases to one of 28 chromosomes and predicting 14,037 protein-coding genes. Chemoreception and detoxification gene families reveal T. ni-specific gene expansions that may explain its widespread distribution and rapid adaptation to insecticides. Transcriptome and small RNA data from thorax, ovary, testis, and the germline-derived Hi5 cell line show distinct expression profiles for 295 microRNA- and >393 piRNA-producing loci, as well as 39 genes encoding small RNA pathway proteins. Nearly all of the W chromosome is devoted to piRNA production, and T. ni siRNAs are not 2 -O-methylated. To enable use of Hi5 cells as a model system, we have established genome editing and single-cell cloning protocols. The T. ni genome provides insights into pest control and allows Hi5 cells to become a new tool for studying small RNAs ex vivo.

Trichoplusia ni

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Taxonomy:Eukaryota | Opisthokonta | Metazoa | Eumetazoa | Bilateria | Protostomia | Ecdysozoa | Panarthropoda | Arthropoda | Mandibulata | Pancrustacea | Hexapoda | Insecta | Dicondylia | Pterygota | Neoptera | Holometabola | Amphiesmenoptera | Lepidoptera | Glossata | Neolepidoptera | Heteroneura | Ditrysia | Obtectomera | Noctuoidea | Noctuidae | Plusiinae | Trichoplusia
Common:cabbage looper (German: Aschgraue Höckereule, Ni-Silbereule)
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