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Genome sequence of an aflatoxigenic pathogen of Argentinian peanut, Aspergillus arachidicola. (2018) BMC Genomics 19, 189.
Moore GG, Mack BM, Beltz SB, Puel O
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Aspergillus arachidicola is an aflatoxigenic fungal species, first isolated from the leaves of a wild peanut species native to Argentina. It has since been reported in maize, Brazil nut and human sputum samples. This aflatoxigenic species is capable of secreting both B and G aflatoxins, similar to A. parasiticus and A. nomius. It has other characteristics that may result in its misidentification as one of several other section Flavi species. This study offers a preliminary analysis of the A. arachidicola genome. RESULTS: In this study we sequenced the genome of the A. arachidicola type strain (CBS 117610) and found its genome size to be 38.9 Mb, and its number of predicted genes to be 12,091, which are values comparable to those in other sequenced Aspergilli. A comparison of 57 known Aspergillus secondary metabolite gene clusters, among closely-related aflatoxigenic species, revealed nearly half were predicted to exist in the type strain of A. arachidicola. Of its predicted genes, 691 were identified as unique to the species and 60% were assigned Gene Ontology terms using BLAST2GO. Phylogenomic inference shows CBS 117610 sharing a most recent common ancestor with A. parasiticus. Finally, BLAST query of A. flavus mating-type idiomorph sequences to this strain revealed the presence of a single mating-type (MAT1-1) idiomorph. CONCLUSIONS: Based on A. arachidicola morphological, genetic and chemotype similarities with A. flavus and A. parasiticus, sequencing the genome of A. arachidicola will contribute to our understanding of the evolutionary relatedness among aflatoxigenic fungi.

Aspergillus arachidicola CBS 117610

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Taxonomy:Eukaryota | Opisthokonta | Fungi | Dikarya | Ascomycota | saccharomyceta | Pezizomycotina | leotiomyceta | Eurotiomycetes | Eurotiomycetidae | Eurotiales | Aspergillaceae | Aspergillus
Synonym:Aspergillus sp. JV-2007b
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