Ornithorhynchus anatinus isolate Pmale09

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Ornithorhynchus_anatinus_isolate_Pmale09 Courtesy of Australian Geographic Journal
Taxonomy:Eukaryota | Opisthokonta | Metazoa | Eumetazoa | Bilateria | Deuterostomia | Chordata | Craniata | Vertebrata | Gnathostomata | Teleostomi | Euteleostomi | Sarcopterygii | Dipnotetrapodomorpha | Tetrapoda | Amniota | Mammalia | Prototheria | Monotremata | Ornithorhynchidae | Ornithorhynchus
Common:duck-billed platypus, duckbill platypus, platypus (German: Schnabeltier)
Comment:Ornithorhynchus anatinus, or duck-billed platypus, is an important model organism for developmental and evolutionary studies. Platypuses have a tail shaped like that of a beaver, webbed fore- and hindfeet, and a muzzle shape similar to the bill of a duck. The platypus is a monotreme and one of three mammals that lay eggs and do not give birth to their young. It is also the only known mammal that produces venom. The platypus lives only in the freshwater systems of eastern Australia and Tasmania. Sequenced animal: A female nicknamed 'Glennie' (collected at the Upper Barnard River on Glen Rock Station, New South Wales).
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Type Version Date Compl Cov GC % Size (Mbp) Contigs CGR Illegal Chars N50 (kbp) Acc File Seq info
Contigs v 1.0.0 2018-03-01 Dna_compl 90 46.6 1990.4 4568Info - - 18718 - Chromosome Comment

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EST/cDNA Projects:851
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